Best places to live in the North West

Published Mar 21, 2017 – 2 mins read

Finding the best places to live in the North West can be an extremely time-consuming challenge and one I am asked to help clients solve on a frequent basis. Success relies on local experience and being able to accurately match lifestyle priorities with what an area has to offer. The North West region has many great places to live, here is just a small selection of my recommendations:

The Wirral and other popular hotspots

The Wirral offers an attractive mix of rural and seaside living with easy connections into Liverpool. There are a mix of solid early 1900s detached homes with large gardens as well as sandstone cottages which are a particular feature of the area; inter-dispersed with the stylish new build properties.

Other popular hidden gems include Abersoch, Formby and Lytham St Annes. However, these desirable locations are not without their shortcomings; properties in these areas attract hefty price tags and buyers should be prepared to possibly wait some time for an attractive family home; particularly if it is a house with a direct view of the sea, with substantial outdoor space – So be ready to act decisively.

Balancing a budget with expectations

For those buyers looking to optimise space for their budget, there are a number of alternative areas that are similar to the premium locations described above. Whilst a number of these are considered by some to be ‘less fashionable’, they may as a result, offer more property options for your money.

As a general rule, it seems that north and east Manchester are deemed less desirable and so typically less expensive.

Further afield, the rural areas of Lancashire and North Wales often offer more for money and large houses with several acres of land for sale; especially around Ruthin and Denbigh in North Wales; as well as the villages in the Forest of Bowland in Lancashire, which are often considerably better value.

These areas offer beautiful countryside, peaceful surroundings, attractive houses and more than not good access to mainline train stations such as Chester, Preston and Runcorn.

If you are considering a move to North West and would like to find out more, get in touch with Garrington Property Finders today to aid you in finding your dream property in your hidden location.